Who to Contact

Professionals are available to help parents through every step of establishing legal paternity for their children based on each family’s unique needs.
For Free Paternity Establishment Services & Free DNA Testing:

Free paternity establishment services including free DNA testing are available for qualifying parents at any of the 40 Child Support offices throughout Oregon. If the other parent does not want to voluntarily establish parentage, you can seek a court order to prove biological parentage and establish legal paternity. Please contact a Child Support office near you or visit www.oregonchildsupport.gov for more information.

NOTE: Parents are not required to apply for child support or any other assistance programs in order to qualify for free paternity establishment services. Free services are available to all qualifying families (see Free Services for more information).

To Make Sure Legal Paternity Has Been Established For Your Child:

To determine if legal paternity has been established for a child, parents must order a certified copy of their child’s birth certificate. If legal paternity has been established, a father’s name will be listed on the child’s birth certificate.
If the child was born in Oregon, parents may order a certified copy of their child’s birth certificate by submitting a Birth Record Order Form to:

Oregon Vital Records
PO Box 14050
Portland OR,

A fee of $20 is required for the first copy, $15 for each additional copy of the same record ordered at the same time.

NOTE: If the child was not born in Oregon, please contact the Vital Records office in the state where they were born to order a copy of the birth certificate.

To Get Legal Help:

For general family law information please visit Oregon State Bar Family Law Resources. For legal advice pertaining to paternity, marriage, adoption, divorce, child custody, and other family law topics, you will need to talk to a private attorney.

The Oregon State Bar offers a referral service that can help match you with an appropriate legal representative.

Legal Aid Services of Oregon is a nonprofit organization that can provide low-cost legal help to low-income Oregonians for civil legal problems. Legal Aid may be able to help in cases pertaining to divorce, adoption, custody, support, visitation or parenting time, domestic violence, guardianship, restraining orders, defense in paternity suits, and modification of decrees.